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And I Thought They'd Grow Up

Updated: Mar 6, 2022

I must have been as young as 14 when I noted that boys were simping, fighting over who’s gonna help the damsel in distress. I didn’t know the word simp, however. Surprisingly, girls were too naive to see through the game. I recall a girl telling me that I was rude because I didn't shower them with sweet talk and kindness. They thought that the guys who did that were actually nice. I used to make fun of those guys. I knew they would have to grow a backbone if they ever wished to get happily married.

Around the same age, I also noted that girls were obsessed with actors and singers. I thought they would grow up to understand that singers, actors, and other famous men are limited in number and are often not virtuous. They would have to be humble and look at the kind of guys they deserve. If they are average, they deserve average. If they want more, they need to foster more virtues.

As a young teenager, an outcast, totally disillusioned by society, I wondered how people get married. I thought to myself, ”what changes when people get old because my peers are marriageable?”

Surprisingly, these attitudes did not change even in college. Men were still playing video games, drinking beer, and just wasting away their lives in a meaningless oblivion. Girls, too, were wasting away their lives partying and watching Netflix. On a positive note, they had understood that nice guys are not so nice. Most of them are only playing nice to sleep with them. Most nice guys are simply weak men afraid to voice their opinion.

Now, 10 years later, at 24, I can see what changes. Nothing. My peers are still unmarriageable. I see why in such a massive population, so many are single. The future I was afraid of became real. People really need to grow up. And stop watching TV.

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