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Idolatry In Female Dating Preferences

Updated: Mar 7, 2022

All through my life, I have noted that women tend to idolize a certain kind of men. They have an idol in their mind. This is an example of the illusion of knowledge. To idolize a certain kind of men assumes knowledge of all men. But the truth is they don’t know anything. They merely think that they do. Of course, I don’t care what women want. But there is something deeper we can learn from here.

The reason people worship idols is the same illusion of knowledge. They think they understand that which is ideal. They call it God. But they don’t know anything. They merely think they do. Most of their ideas are culturally programmed at best. A man born in the west has a different idol of God than a man born in the east does. They have been programmed differently. But they both think they are right. Since people worship idols whose attributes are culturally programmed, imposed rather than revealed, those who control culture can use these idols to manipulate them. Therefore, at the root of religious conflict is knowledge. Man thinks that he knows God when he knows really nothing. What he knows and worships is just his idol.

Going back to women, we can see how women can be manipulated with their idols. In India, women worship actors and cricketers, so these men can be used to inculcate in women whatever values the rulers want to see. In the US, women worship popstars and basketball players. Thus, they were used to disseminate leftist propaganda. I am drawing parallels to how people are manipulated with their idols. The only woman who can’t be programmed this way is the one who understands that people are like a field of wheat. The quality of kernels depends on proper irrigation, soil, and sunlight. There is no ideal kernel. There are definitely bad ones, which is all we know.

We definitely know what is not divine: lying, cheating, deceiving, etc. But we don’t know what is. And this is where we must give up trying to know that which fundamentally isn’t knowledge. And, my friend, this is the path to freedom -- not knowledge.

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