Linkedin Posts From 2020 Part Two

Updated: Oct 21

This is part two of my Linkedin back up from 2020. Thanks to Shivangi Chauhan for backing up my posts.

The reason man feels like a localized occurrence is that he experiences the unverse via his senses. Close your eyes. Suddenly, there is no point of view. Close your nose. Suddenly, there is no center of olfaction.

A man who shuts his eyes to meditate thinks that he is no longer aware of his location when, in fact, he has no location. His location was an illusion created by his senses. He is not a localized occurrence. He is the whole occurrence.

The reason rule of law is dumb is that truth can't be enacted in a court nor can it be repealed in one, unlike laws.

What we think about people of the 15th century -

Crazy ass stone age people

Believed in superstitions

No freedom of religion

Churches killed philosophers and scientists

No freedom of speech

Kings were greedy and evil

Child sacrifice/animal sacrifice

Now, imagine what people in the 25th century are thinking about us -

The very same things. People think that people did weird things in the past but don't do it in the present because they think past and present are different. They simply aren't. They are the very same.

Perhaps, enlightened men are rare because women don't like them. They fail to reproduce. Ever seen a woman fantasize about Tesla, Buddha, Jesus, Locke, Spinoza, Newton, or Thomas Aquinas? Anyone? Perhaps, the world is bound to be dumb and sinful.

To say that you need a business plan before you do it is like saying you need to know how to breathe before you breathe. It is a stupid idea exemplifying the human ego. I understand the practical arguments for it, but they have been artificially created by the corporatocracy.

Noting in inconsequential in the universe. When a tiny electron vibrates in a distant corner of the universe, the EM radiations travel to infinity until absorbed, where it translates into mechanical work exactly the work put in to vibrate it. The frequency of the wave (radiation) stays exactly equal to the frequency of the vibration. Over astronomical distances, however, it gets stretched out to lower frequencies because space itself expands. But from the perspective of the radiation, it has never moved because time stops at the speed of light.

Two years ago, in an audiobook of the Republic, I heard Socrates explain how all democracies are bound to become tyrannies. I felt him. Now, I see him.

It is explanation that complicates things. Just leave love, friendship, and loyalty the way they are. Don't even bother to define them.

The system needs you. They are dependent on you, not the other way round. All you have to do is stop feeding them. We the people made facebook big when we signed up. We gave that place to Insta when we moved. We made YouTube big when we contributed. It is we who are the sleeping giants. By our choices and preferences, we control the world, not a few people. It is they who are in the illusion that they can put a spell on all of us.

(This is merely a revelation. I don't know if it is true.)

We were eternal children. We have all descended from the kingdom of heaven. Some of us succumb to society and become complicit with evil. Some lose interest in love, friendship, and art. And that is ok. Life is hard. That I understand

Perhaps, the point is to come back to who you were before it all started. You played video games, played with animals, hung out with friends, and enjoyed the basic things in life that were free to begin with, but you went on a journey to buy them somewhere, in which process, you forgot who you once were -- a playful ball of joy.

Perhaps, he was right "until you become like little children..."

A barber is likely to be pro-immigration. He benefits from more customers. A wage slave is likely to be anti-immigration. He doesn't want more people to compete with. If you want to make a nation hostile to foreigners, turn them into wage slaves.

This debate on H1B has occurred simply because H1B is a scam, a way to import more slaves from poor nations to drive down US wages.

People like me who believe in business-building might have stayed if the system facilitated economic independence. It doesn't. The system wants all Americans and all foreigners to be wage slaves.

Times of peace had allowed people to be peaceful. They had not become peaceful. The times of scarcity have now begun. Be ready for a rude awakening, for you shall see the wolves in sheep's clothing. Political correctness, lefti