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If You Ask A Woman Why She Likes Him

Updated: Mar 4, 2022

and she actually has an answer, she probably does not like him.

If she says she likes him because he is smart, she like his being smart, not him.

If she says she likes him because he is rich and successful, she like his money and success.

If she says she likes him because he is fit and athletic, she likes his fitness and athleticism.

If she says she does not know, she likes him.

So long you like someone for a reason, you don't really like them. You like that reason. When that reason is gone, the affair ends.

Am I saying that love is irrational? Of course, ask children why they love playing. They likely have no answers. Ask a musician why he loves music. He likely has no answers. He might say self-expression or being oneself. Can love be self-expression or being oneself?

We already know that the self is an illusion elicited by all that there is. Is love then an expression of all that there is? Is love being oneself? Is love being all that there is?

Ask me why I love to read, write, and think. I can't tell you, for I was thinking before I was I. I was writing before I planned to write. I started to read when books found me. It is as if I never did anything. I just let myself adrift in the infinite ocean of all that there is. Ask me how I write. I don't. Writing happens. I merely allow it to happen like a humble gatekeeper.

So what then is love? Where is reason in it? Where is intentionality? I don't see either. Is it really love if reason or intent is involved? That's like a Churchian's telling you she loves you because God commanded her (reason) to or she has chosen to love you (intent). Do you really want that love? It appears as if reasonable or intentional love is a sort of corruption or deformation of the spirit.

Since you don't choose to love, you can't choose why to love. If you chose to love, it implies you are not in love. Talk about non-intentionality.

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