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If you understand this, you'll never watch YouTube gurus

There are so many people that are vying for your energy: advertisers, actors, models, social media personalities, and internet gurus. Your time is your most precious resource. They all want some of it. Today, I want to warn you against internet gurus, who I collectively call Tony Robbins.

Try this experiment at home. Pick a Tony Robbins of your choice and email him (if you can find his email). Most Tony Robbins do not mention even a single contact point on their websites. They want you to endlessly watch their videos, read their articles, like and share their material on social media and just DIE. You are just an energy source to them.

In the email, mention that you have x,y,z skills and are looking for work. Since he has been around the world, would he be kind enough to connect you with professionals in your field?

Send this email to every internet guru you follow. I can guarantee most will not reply. Some may have assistants who would tell you they are too busy to reply individually to every email, which is fine.

It is acceptable that they can’t reply to every email. What I find unacceptable is that they have armies of men to promote them on social media and blast the whole world with blanket advice. They invest a lot in making you subscribe to their YouTubes and online courses. They have no one to listen to your problems. They invest nothing in listening to people they claim to want to help.

To clarify this further, think of most companies. They literally beg you to buy their services. They provide phone, email, and chat support. The same people do not even want to give you a point of contact when they are hiring. Imagine they invested in recruiting as much as they do in self-promotion? They would not need to promote themselves.

The world is the way it is by design. You are being taken advantage of. Your energy is being fed on, which is why you feel exhausted and depressed. At the end of the day, you don’t need blanket advice. You need advice/help tailored to your exact issue. Internet gurus may not be interested in any of that. They just want your life force. Quit giving them that. Unplug.


If a Tony Robbins has people to listen to your issues, then all is good. Go ahead and connect with him. Just don't allow people to feed on your energy.

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