Illusions Of Birth And Death

Updated: Mar 6

Sometime in 2017 or 2018, it occurred to me that living and non-living is a fake dichotomy. People call living and non-living that they have defined as living and non-living. There was a time when plants were considered non-living because they don’t move. People define as living whatever they feel like calling alive. Then, they come up with scientific garbage to justify it.

When a baby is born, people think that a new life has been created. But I see something else. A part of the mother and one from the father have combined to take a different form. Then, the mother feeds on plants and animals. Plants have already collected the sun’s energy, air, water, and soil. All of it accumulates in the womb. Via the channel of the mother, the Universe transforms itself into what later looks like a newborn. It becomes a baby and explores itself as a local entity. This localization produces the illusions of time, distance, directions, etc.

Once we get old, the fun ends. We don’t die. We transform back into the Universe. The ego trap is released. The illusion disappears. Humans call it death. Both birth and death appear to be illusions. There was no time when I wasn’t here nor shall be a time I won’t be here. In fact, time itself appears to exist because of localized ego.

Ps. don't take me too seriously.

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