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India has more resources than the US.


Indian has three times as many people.

But the public has been convinced that population is a burden rather than an asset.

Do you want to play against a team that has three times as many people?

Clay can't turn itself into pots. Lands can't turn themselves into crops. Hands do that.

Humans are the most underutilized and underappreciated asset.

Nations that appreciate humans will always be prosperous. Nations that abuse humans will always be impoverished.

In my experience, US culture is still much less abusive than Indian culture, which is why they can produce more with fewer people. In India, human potential is mostly untapped. 90% of Indians are pushovers from the abuse they faced and continue to face from their parents, teachers, and bosses.

In US too, there are some abusive subcultures, such as the deep south and far-left states like California. In these areas, we see poverty that is uncharacteristic of the US.

Therefore, any nation that wants to become great but must first become good.

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