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Investors, Quit Feeding The Corporatocracy

Updated: Mar 7, 2022

You don't get to complain about tech-tyranny if you invest in big tech. You can't complain about getting censored on YouTube or getting de-platformed by Facebook.

You can't complain about welfare for oil cartels if you invest in Oil & Gas. You can't complain about environmental damage. You can't complain about their influence on economics and governments.

You can't complain about big pharma's control over media and medical schools if you have invested in them. You can't complain about doctors getting all-expense-paid vacations to Hawaii when they make Big Pharma a lot of money by prescribing unnecessary drugs. You can't even complain about the Wuhan Virus hoax. And you can't complain about children's getting injured by vaccines.

To all investors, quit acting like corporations. Don't merely chase return on investment. A lot of things are profitable like selling alcohol, prostitution, and pornography, but they are not good.

Invest in companies that are making the change you want to see. Put your money where your mouth is. Quit empowering the corporatocracy.

People like to blame the corporatocracy for controlling our governments, food chains, media, internet, and education. But people are at no less fault. They work for them, buy from them using the earnings, and invest what's left back into them. They live to serve their master. They empower their master in all possible ways. This has to end if we want the world to be free.

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