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Is Education Even Needed?

Updated: Dec 5, 2022

Why can't young adults that want to study physics learn directly from engineers working in the field? Why can't people who want to learn law learn directly from lawyers? Learning is a lifelong activity. Why should we suspend work for education? Why can't both happen together?

In precolonial India, the concept of schooling did not exist. Young adults were supposed to find their own gurus, who were professionals in their fields. In return for education/training, they worked in the guru's field/shop. Gurus were not supposed to charge money. They were, however, expected to ask for Dakhisha, which is Sanskrit for gift or offering. In other words, students were supposed to offer gifts when they graduated, which meant the guru had taught them everything he could. I don't think the concept of parents' saving money for education even existed.

This system cost no money, no headache. There were no forms to fill, no stupid classes to drudge through, no school politics, no standardized testing. So many hours of manpower can be saved if we only return to this system, where students and teachers interact directly without interference from administrators, who are mostly unneeded.

This system aligns with the order of nature. Both the student and the teacher mutually chose each other. The student is not forced to listen to to someone they deem incompetent and the teacher is not forced to teach students who are not committed. This volunteerism is important because relationships that are forced become abusive. When teachers are forced to teach students they don't like, they become abusive. When students are forced to listen to a teacher they don't like, they become unruly. Therefore, all behavioral issues really stem from dissension from the order of nature.

Two Youtube Shorts I made to explain why school is illegitimate.

Thanks for reading. I want to take humanity back to the order of nature. Man's artificial principles only cause psychological and mental issues, which later develop into social issues. Share my work so I can heal the world.

Much Love,

The Legendary Philosopher

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