Job Creation Is A Bad Idea

Updated: Mar 6

What do you mean job creation? Is there nothing left to be done? Does everyone in the world have everything they need? Does no one in society have any problem? There is only one place where it no job left to be done-- The Eden Garden.

By job creation, I mean job creation by the government here. It is a form of centralized planning. For a population to reach its potential, every individual must do what he does best. When you create jobs for them, you diminish their potential.

Politicians talk about job creation only for one reason -- to get reelected. It is a byproduct, however, people learn to think that the government is responsible for job creation. It keeps people dependent on their governments. When they get jobs handed over to them, they never learn to grow up. They give up pursuing their interests. This greatly diminishes what they could have achieved if they honed their interests further.

They all have skills they can use to contribute to society and earn incomes proportional to their contributions. They shouldn't compete with one another because humans are intrinsically unique with unique experiences, inclination, and interests. If any two individuals are competing, it means they have not yet understood their uniqueness. When they understand it, they can cooperate and collaborate to enrich each other. For a nation to reach its potential, people must build on one another's work to become much greater together. That's how a nation can become greater than its parts. Competition only breeds jealousy and resentment. People should stay away from it.

When people simply get jobs, they never specialize in anything and never realize their potential. They don't mature spiritually and socioeconomically. Society does not get to have what its member could have produced had they reached their potential. The people also become economically dependant on and morally controlled by their employers. They don't mature morally and spiritually. This society operates at a level much below its potential.

People are born with their jobs. They must employ their unique gifts of experience, inclinations, and interests to do what they do best. When you create jobs for them, they simply never realize their potential. They become dependent and quit working on themselves. If you provide jobs to everyone, no creative work would come out. Society simply would stop advancing. Only free and independent people make new things, write new things, direct new kinds of movies, and bring new things to life.

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