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Women's Logic

Men's logic: Is it or is it not? Women's logic: Is it or Is it not? Either is or is not? Neither is nor is not? Sometimes is and other times

Say You Are Talented

Say "I am talented." As soon as you say it, you become biased to see your talents. You start having flashbacks of times when someone recogn

The Reason I Failed In Life

Since I did not actively seek out helpers, I always had more haters than helpers. I always had more people who were deceiving, misforming...

Three Jokes About Creation

It was the spring of 2017. I met Parker Dingeldein in Griffis Hall. He was a Resident Advisor (RA) there. He soon started proselytizing...

Dwell On Your Past

Dwelling on your past is important because all the answers lie there. Your present is the continuation of the past. If you do not dwell on i

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