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Let's Go On An Adventure

The Universe is wildly full of magic. The more you surrender, the more magical it will become. Don't ever try to fight for anything like som

The No.1

I felt like I knew even at 15 that I would be poor. I felt like the world was too brainwashed to give me a chance, and smart people were so

Don't Feed Meat To Sheep

Imagine you see a cow eating grass at a distance. You tell your peers about it. They can't see the cow, so they conclude that you have lost

Where Science Fails

Science is a self-correcting ongoing process, which implies that it is always wrong and will always be wrong (science will continue to be se

Open Up & Welcome The Light

You just need more people supporting you than actively working against you. For every enemy, find two friends. For everyone who is against y

6 Short Lessons On Strategy

What are you doing here? What talents, gifts, stories, and truths are you sharing with the world? What would the world miss when the time gi

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