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Justice Will Restore Them & Death Shall Be Life

Updated: Mar 7, 2022

Yes, they will be killed, but their spirits shall rejoice in gratefulness, for they have received justice for once. They will be taken up, healed, and made whole again. So fear not death. For them, death shall be life.

The future will be very dark. A lot of people will die (because they have sinned). Contrary to what people think, it won't be divine punishment because punishment does not exist outside the human illusion. Their death will be the consequence of their own actions. But in death, they will rejoice, for they will understand it to be justice. Throughout life, they sinned and almost got rewarded with money, women, and fame. Lack of justice (reward for the right and lack of reward for the wrong) encouraged them to sin more, but it broke them down spiritually. Sin weighed heavily on them, but they did not want to tell others about it. They couldn't even explain why they were depressed. It caused them to be dependent on addictive substances. Their depression was worse than death. When they die and understand it to be their doing, they will consider it a gift, the end of the tunnel. Justice will give them joy. It will elevate their spirit and lead them towards truth. And their spirit shall be restored, purified in the light of truth. They will be at peace.

Don't ask me too much about it. I don't know myself. I just try to put my revelations into words. But it is very hard to do it. Try not to follow my words too much. Attempt to feel me so you can get a hold of that which I have tried to approximately put in words.

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