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Led By Instahoes

Updated: May 14, 2022

Who wants to hear that they are poor because they do not work hard? Do women want to hear that they face domestic abuse because they chose the wrong husbands? Do people want to hear that their religion might be keeping them from prosperity? Do people want to hear that government is not responsible for job security? Do people want to hear that job creation is not a government's responsibility? Who wants to hear they may be the root cause of their problems? It is advisable for a man to have friends who tell him the harsh truth and avoid those who tell him sweet lies.

Democracy is that mechanism whereby fake leaders, who tell sweet lies and deprive us of truth, are chosen. Democracy is a popularity contest. Superficiality is the rule, while truth is forbidden. Accountability is discarded. All problems are disposed of with laws. Who wants to hold people accountable? We can just send a few to jail, murder a few, and please the public. What's the point of having a deeper dialogue on morality and justice? Leaders can literally lose their jobs if they don't feed the mob, which once voted to kill Socrates and once Jesus. It is in their best interest to practice a sweet tongue, and not talk about real issues and solutions.

Democracy is like social media. Ever noted that politicians are like the girls on Instagram who post half-naked pictures? It pays to be dumb, superficial, and fake. It pays to play nice and avoid any real conversation. The better the actor, the more popular he gets. The more popular he gets, the more power and influence he holds, while the rest compete like fools to get more popular. That's how the algorithm works. Eventually, it becomes an empire of make-up and lies. Truth has no place here, for it can demolish it. Those telling the truth don't get any votes. If they don't get votes, the algorithm wouldn't promote them. Eventually, the only people who have power and fame are pathetic people-pleasers. They may get called out if the population grew out of stupidity, but there is a mechanism to stop that-- mandatory schooling. New citizens are taught to follow blindly and not question any authority. Those who don't follow are discarded. The rest live in an echo chamber where leaders are considered the wisest even though they may be dumber than an average 5th grader. Very few get that far enough to understand that the paradigm of political leadership is premised on popularity, not on intelligence. They become authors, poets, journalists, and philosophers. Ever wondered why these people are banned? The truths they tell can annihilate this empire of lies. Today, politicians, popstars, and actors are the de facto leaders of our world. Democracy has greatly empowered popular people. It has brainwashed people to confuse popularity with intelligence. The entire world has become a huge circus where everyone is clowning to get popular. TikTok, Snapchat, and Instagram are all manifestations of this global circus. And the world follows those who become popular as if they were prophets or Gods. Is it surprising that the entire world is facing a spiritual crisis? Is it surprising that more people kill themselves than kill others? (It's true. Look it up.) Is it surprising that friendships and marriages are dying off? Is it weird that morality is disappearing from the world? Is it surprising that a few people own pretty much all resources on the planet? It shouldn't. The modern generation is being led by prostitutes and Instahoes. They have led the world astray. They have no reason to tell the harsh truth. They win by telling soothing lies. That's how they get attention, the currency of power in the 21th century. You have been sold a morally deprived life. Go to a library. Read authors, poets, and philosophers. These hoes won't give you anything deep. Quit looking up to them.

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