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Let Go Of Idol Worship

Updated: Mar 6, 2022

So what if someone does not shower before he eats in the morning? So what if he doesn’t touch the elder’s feet? These are symbolic, to begin with. To shower before eating represents purifying yourself before you eat. This purification is spiritual, not physical. When you wake up, forget the past. Don’t hold on to anything. Have no ill thoughts. If you take a bath but your mind is still infested, the tradition means nothing at all. Similarly, touching someone’s feet or bowing down to someone means nothing if you don’t respect them. If you do, then the action is unnecessary. Thus, people should not focus on traditions but only on being truthful and honest.

Consider a man who prays before he eats, attends Bible study, goes to church every Sunday. He occasionally lies in the disguise of sweetness. He says he doesn’t want to hurt people’s feelings. He’s not 100% honest in business. He looks at his friend’s wife. Now, imagine another man who doesn’t do any of it. He lives like an uncivilized man but he never disappoints his friends. He never cheats anyone in business. He always tells the truth even if others dislike him for it. Who would you be friends with? Who would you let your sister marry? Who would you do business with? This is the difference between religious and truthful. It is obvious that truth is higher than all religions and all traditions.

Tell the truth. Be honest. And never compromise. Let go of all rituals and traditions. Just a few things matter. It is not weird that there are only 10 commandments, not 10 thousand, unlike the legal system we have nowadays.

Consider the second commandment: don’t make images of God. Why? When you make an image of God, you make God in the image. Then, you focus on the idol, not on what it symbolizes. You become an idol worshipper. In time, people start to fight over whose idol is superior. Similarly, when people focus on traditions rather than what they symbolize, they essentially get astray from the original message. There are people who think they can say a prayer (a tradition) and everything will become fine. Well, it won't because they create their problems by doing wrong things. To fix their problems, they need to check their thoughts and actions. Those who think no evil need to offer no prayer. Those who are pure need to do no cleaning.

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