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Let It All Unbecome

Updated: Mar 6, 2022

Truth isn't hidden. Humans like to delude themselves, which, from a human-centric view, looks as if truth is doing the hiding. The human realm is full of names, labels, and categories that don't exist outside the human delusion. It is almost as if humans wear multicolored vision-impairing glasses that don't let them see the truth.

Since truth is not man-made, it can't be confined into structures that humans deal with. It does not exist in subject-very-object structure. Whenever I meet idol worshippers, they tell me that God is the one that runs everything. They think that the world is a sort of dictatorship. Some say that creation implies a creator or doing implies a doer. They have eyes but they don't see, eyes but don't hear (Psalm 135: 16-18). They have no idea that there is no subject-verb-object structure outside that human delusion. These categories don't exist. Thus, in the realm of the unknown, creation does not have to imply a creator. The creator, the creation, the process of creating can all be one or nothing at all. Human logic is wrong because human structures don't have to exist.

Truth also does not exist in categories. Humans debate whether photons are either particles or waves. But the particle-wave dichotomy is imposed by humans themselves. It does not exist outside the human delusion, which is why photons have no problem being both. The same I tell virtue-signaling vegans. Plant-animals dichotomy does not exist in outside the human realm. These are man-made or man-projected categories. This is why you must relax and forget your personhood before you allow truth to invade you. And then, it will look like truth is everywhere and you have ceased to exist (as you were doing the hiding).

You can't see music because the structures of vision can't interpret the form of music. You can't hear color because of the same problem. Neither means that the music or the color is hiding from you. The same applies to truth. Since truth does not have form, no structure can fully interpret it. It can only be approximately laid down (this is why I say words are reduced approximations). Even if you read all books ever written and heard all stories ever told, you would still know nothing. This is the limitation of knowledge.

If you want to experience it in its infinite formlessness, you must abandon your limited form and become the form infinite. Give up all your knowledge. Detach from all your possessions. Drop all your thinking. You have no race or religion. You have no views or beliefs. You don't even have a name. Let go of everything and you will find out everything is you. Become 0 and you will experience infinity. But you can't become 0 by choice because the choice then must also disappear. Let yourself unbecome. Let it all unbecome.

Pretty much everything we know is false because humans like to make up false notions and defend them to assuage their egos.

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