Let's Go On An Adventure

There are more opportunities on this planet than you will ever be able to explore, so get out there and don't come back until you get the bag.

There are more educational and scholarship opportunities on the planet than you will ever be able to explore. They simply are not posted online or in print, because advertisements cost money.

There are more apprenticeships, internships, and jobs on this planet than you will ever be able to explore. They simply aren't posted in magazines, newspapers, or on the web.

There are opportunities that won't fit in the categories mentioned above. There are more crazy things on the planet than you will ever find out. Go out and explore. The world is full of magic.

So how do we find these opportunities? We ask for them. The Bible says "ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you (Matthew 7:7)." It does not say, "apply and you shall receive." Whatever you are looking for, reach out to people and ask for help and information. And don't stop reaching out until you get it. Trust me. The Universe is wildly full of magic. The more you surrender, the more magical it will become. Don't ever try to fight for anything like someone who has no faith in the unknown. Don't ever worry about finding opportunities. Do the necessary work/preparations and reach out to everyone you can think of. The Universe will place the right people in your path to tell you to tell exactly what you need to know. Just ask. It is like a treasure hunt. People you come across are like secrets sealed in an envelope. You must open every envelope and interpret the message to get to the next level.