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Let Them Starve

Updated: Mar 6, 2022

The system needs you. They are dependent on you, not the other way round. All you have to do is stop feeding them. We the people made Facebook big when we signed up. We gave that place to Instagram when we moved. We made YouTube big when we made content, commented, and shared. We made Google big when we used Google products and recommended others to use them. We the people must now put them down. All we have to do is walk away. Delete your accounts on every social media that has censored even one man. With your choice, you dictate what you want to see happen. If you don't want to delete them, just abandon them. Their currency is attention. Starve them of it. Delete your YouTube accounts and re-upload your content on censor-free platforms like BitChute. Prefer not to leave your work on YouTube, so your viewers don't have to log in to YouTube ever again. The currency of YouTube is content. Starve them of it. Degoogle yourself. Quit all Google services and products. There are alternatives to everything. Just look them up. Starve them. Quit using corporate made products if the company has pushed any political agenda at all. Quit Gillette like you never knew about it. I understand that some corporations make cheap products but it is not reasonable to give thieves and criminals your money even if they serve you cheaper products. Your money is your power. Quit empowering criminals. Starve them, too. With our choices and preferences, we the people control the world, not a few people. It is they who live in the illusion that one day they will rule over Earth. It is time we reestablish the dynamics. It is time we burst their bubble. It is we who are the sleeping giants. And we must do justice now. We the people are so powerful that we don't even need weapons to take them down, nor do we need to be aggressive. All we have to do is go our own way and not do any business with the evil. These are the monsters we have fed. And now we must starve them to death.

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