Linkedin Posts From 2019 Part Two

Updated: Oct 21

LinkedIn posts from 2019, part two -

The purpose of writing is not to exemplify rules of grammar but to effectively communicate a message.

Only the good stuff, people don't tell their sad stories on social media. Deep down, they are afraid no one cares. It's like asking the depressed to reach out for help, when they are depressed because no one cared when they did. That they have to reach out is a symptom of a toxic society, not a solution.

Regardless, I don't think men should cry. Women should not cry either.

The social justice narrative is only making people weak because it eliminates the incentive for people to master their feelings. And it allows them to blame the world for being insensitive, when they actually need to drop expectations from people and free themselves in the process. Allow people to not care. They don't have to. You are welcome to cry, but know that no one is looking. Probably, no one cares, so you better buck up.


Fully and completely disagree with the idea that somehow crying is not “healthy” for a grown man. Whoever you are referring to as “we” when you state it is childish to cry as if you have a consensus, are the problem with the world today. Lack of empathy, lack of compassion, lack of understanding, lack of anything normal in regards to emotional competence. There’s nothing manly about telling people to suck it up and refrain from expressing their emotions. Understanding your emotions and embracing them is crucial to loving yourself and becoming the best you can possibly be during your walk. This is true emotional intelligence which is the key to successful living and servant leadership.


Dale Dupree "lack of empathy, lack of compassion, lack of understanding .."

This is exactly what happens when people are encouraged to cry rather than grow up. They continue to blame the world for lack of empathy and fail to drop their expectations from the world, which is the real cause of their sorrow. Thanks for exemplifying my thesis.

If each held up his neighbors, his Muslim neighbor, his Christian neighbor, his Chinese neighbor, and they held up theirs, the nation would become too strong for any government to oppress. That's why it is said," love your neighbor as yourself."

It might be more beneficial to question what you know than to know more. What you do not know may not hurt you as much as what you know wrong. Chances are everything you know is all wrong.

Men who chase money are ideal slaves. You can direct them exactly how you can direct a cat with catfood. Only men with virtue are free. Perhaps, that is why there is an attempt to destroy virtue in educational institutions, media, and religious institutions.

A nation is not prosperous so long there is even one homeless man. [A nation that has even one homeless man has failed]. We must look to find out if even the lowest of citizens has access to food, water, home, and healthcare. But that doesn't mean socialism. I am talking about markets that are open enough to let even the weakest transact.

Air and water are more aware of your feelings than you think. Think in terms of fields (electric, magnetic, etc) that go right through your head, with no respect for privacy.

He who appreciates everything and everyone loses the ability to appreciate anything at all.

If no belief was a belief, rocks would become believers.

I can't assure you that you are gonna win. That really is not in your control.

But work hard. Give it your everything. If you still lost, it would a battle well-fought. You would be taken out doing what you love. If you won, you would be able to thank those who helped you.

With no lust for victory, no fear of defeat, do your thing. Keep it 100.

I used to think religion caused wars but now I see it is money. Religion is only a cover up.

When everyone says thank you, you suddenly are out of words when you do want to thank someone.

A friendship based on agreements is only as good as an agreement. It dissolves as soon as there is any disagreement.

Is no one gonna talk about negative interest rates? How about interest rate close to 0?

Perhaps, some would use this opportunity to refinance their debts. How about the masses who would just take on more debt? Are the gonna use debt productively? Or produce useless products and services that don't add any real value.

Is it an attempt to debt trap more citizens or an attempt to hide a global deflation? Are we about to become solidified in history textbooks?

If you like someone for liking you back, then who you really like is yourself, not them.

When I talk about the law, I don't mean laws that governments make but those that are not made but are revealed to men via reason and faith. I mean the law of gravity, the law of conservation of energy, not lying, not stealing. I mean not having expectations and giving up of the self.

Every winner was once a loser. There was a time Usain Bolt didn't finish first. Gary Vaynerchuk made 1000 episodes of Wine TV. I had still never heard of him.