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Liberals and Christians: Divided and Different, are they?

Updated: Mar 6, 2022

March 30, 2019

Christians are wise enough to note that redistribution of wealth removes the incentive to work and creates dependency. Then, they give out free food and shelter.

Liberals are wise enough to call Christians hypocrites and proud. Then, they advocate for free stuff for the poor in the name of compassion.

Notice how both are engaged in the same thought process. Real liberal thought begins when we ask why the market failed to hire the unemployed in the first place. Is there no food to be produced, no houses to be made, no work to be done? If there is work to be done and people available to work, why don't they intersect? What is impeding these socioeconomic transactions?

Real Christian thought begins when we ask where "lawlessness" (in a biblical sense) began? Where did ego and greed occur? Is it when they were too proud to even ask the poor what caused poverty before offering free stuff? Is it when Christians did not speak up against left-leaning ideas to keep their jobs? Or is it when they recommended only their church friends to their employers and invited only Christians to share their joys and sorrows? Or is it when Christian charities refused to hire the same people they were giving free stuff to because they were not Christians? Is it when they refused to let them produce and earn but offered them to them consume and lose...

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