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Life Is Not Suffering

Updated: Mar 7, 2022

People suffer because they sin. Sin is suffering. By sin, I mean going against the way of truth or violating truth.

I know when my peers fell. There came a time when they had to give up their individual opinions and thoughts, and follow cultural norms to get ahead in life. They acquiesced and got ahead. They became the stupid society they used to make fun of. I dissented and was left behind. I continued to be what they used to be.

Once people get ahead doing wrong things, they can longer introspect. Cognitive dissonance is such a thing. To justify their actions, they begin to support the same culture they used to make fun of. This is nothing but ego appeasement. Most get to a point where they completely forget they are individuals. They forget conscience. Plugged into society, they listen to powerful people (directors of culture) who teach them the correct ways according to their culture.

Now, there are thousands of cultures and thousands of ways. I don't care about any of them. I concern myself only with the right way, which anyone can know if he only listens to his conscience. Once people allow themselves to be inducted into their culture for jobs and girls, they don’t do things the right way but the cultural way, which is often sinful. They end up living in sin. Their friendships are fake. Their relationships/marriages are illegitimate. And they don’t even know it, because they severed their ties with truth when they agreed to quiet their conscience. They study to get a job, not to get educated. They work to make money, not to contribute to society. They don't nurture their gifts. They spend money to show off to others, not to nourish themselves and improve their own lives. They waste time accumulating material wealth. What ignorance! They don’t understand that nothing here belongs to them nor will ever belong to them. They live in an illusion that they are masters of material wealth until a tyrant takes it away, or death takes them away. Since everything they do is against the way, the spirit rebels against their ego. It starts to diminish. This they feel it as discomfort. The more they sin, the further their spirit diminishes. With the spirit leave humanity and conscience. They try to find solutions outside, in which process they fall for dangerous religions and political ideologies. Fake gurus and prophets prey on them. They[fake gurus] lead them further away from truth and conscience. Then, some conclude that life is suffering. No, it is not.

To eliminate suffering, you don't need to do anything. You just need to quit doing things you have been doing since you fell for society. You need to go back. Remember a time when you used to draw and ride around on your bike, when you did not care to accumulate anything? Yes, go back there. Be born again in truth. And don’t sin anymore. Don’t lie. Don’t deceive. Don’t worship idols. Don’t fall for religious and political ideologies. Don’t idolize man and man-made things. Allow your conscience to guide you. Make no ( ) of your own.

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