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Lust Is The Greatest Enemy Of Man

Updated: Aug 2

When I was 12, I used to wonder how I was always and everywhere the smartest person around: perhaps I was arrogant or I hadn’t seen the world enough. More than a decade later, I understand that I was 100% correct. Most adults are no smarter than an average fifth grader.


I can intuitively that one major factor is lust. Lust is a strong force and it is supposed to be strong, for it is rudimentary for the propagation of animal species. However, when unmoderated, it can absolutely destroy a man. Men do a lot of evil things to accumulate unnecessary wealth to attract women. Feminism exists because weak men want to get laid. In the American south, fundamental Christianity existed because insecure men wanted to get laid. Under the influence of lust, men lose their childlike boyish innocence and turn into animals. Lust overwhelms the intellect and destroys wisdom.

Love Vs Lust

Love and lust can't exist together, for love is fullness and lust is emptiness.

The only thing that lust can not battle is love. When lust and love collide, lust does not oppose love, rather dissipates into it. Therefore, 13-year-old me thought of love as the best defence against lust. This is why I never tried to get laid in school or in college. I only considered girls whom I could see fit for lifelong love. This I thought was one of the truest purposes of male-female relationship or marriage. It is not to engage in lust but to protect against it. The dynamic is similar to that of a hydrogen atom. A lone proton is a positively charged being, attracting electrons and being influenced by them. The same is true about a lone electron. However, when they get in a pair, within each other’s influence, they together become neutral, yet they never collide into one. They fill each other’s cup but never drink from the same cup (Khalil Gibran). This I viewed and still view as the ideal marriage.

Love and desire can't exist together, for love is fullness and desire is emptiness.

Lust is an illusion

Just like trees want to propagate themselves, so does the human body.

The mind plays the illusion of lust to make men find flesh, bones, and blood appealing, for it is primarily concerned with propagation of the species. These games are no different from those it plays to make children like sweet and fatty foods, without which, they would not be motivated to eat. A mind that is not developing these predilections is not healthy and will soon be eliminated from nature. However, the understanding that these are mere illusions that the mind is playing must happen at a spiritual level for a man to detach himself from his own experiences. Understand that the body has to do what it must do to survive, but the body is not you. It is just a tool of nature, which as its own nature.

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