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Man Is Born With His Gift

Updated: Mar 6, 2022

To deliver it to the world is his real job. How he manages to do it is his real struggle.

He can look for a job if he is debted. If not, he must do his real job, for only he can do it. Only he has the right set of skills and the right life experiences to do it.

But he mustn't go looking for it. It's a trap. He can't find what he already has. When he lets go of all looking and searching, he may become it.

I like to read, think, and write, but I never thought of writing for a living. I never got any writing or speaking opportunity in college, even though I might be the first student in the history of Mississippi State University to graduate summa cum laude in 2 and a half years. I failed at every speech competition I participated in. The only time I was third was when only three people participated. I occasionally posted on social media but no one engaged. I was clueless I had anything until unknown friends noticed my articles on LinkedIn and encouraged me to tell the truth.

I was the only one is open disagreement, so I doubted myself. However, post college, I did discover people who felt the same way about colleges as I did. All that speech and thought control did not allow me to see that it wasn't I who was wrong. The entire establishment was wrong. I was right in my defense of free speech and free markets, in my critique of unethical research practices, and in my preference for truth over kindness. Mississippi State and the ideas it promoted (political correctness, feminism, and other sorts of mental retardation) were wrong.

Now that the dust has settled, my conviction in truth has only been restored. The spark has become a volcano. Perhaps, this is my real job-- to put truth into words, not saying I know it though, for I am a seeker of truth. I merely share my findings along the way. Perhaps, this is where a lifetime of thinking, studying, and years of journalling were supposed to culminate. It is the best thing I have ever done and it is setting me on fire.

Don't waste your time slaving for more money than you don't need. Do we know of a rich man from Rome or Greece? We only know of philosophers, poets, historians, artists, authors, etc. We protect their works, for they have real value. Those who worshipped money gifted humanity with nothing. Even a common man who lived a laid back "Hobit life" contributed more, for he inspired many to enjoy life, not to waste it accumulating material. So what is the highest thing you can do? If you were God, what would you do? Do that, your real job. And don't go looking for it. You have it already. Let it come out.

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