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Man & The Unknown

Updated: Mar 7, 2022

Man plans because he assumes knowledge. He thinks that he knows. He is so aware of himself that he is unaware of his oneness with the unknown. Imagine if Newton was too preoccupied when the apple fell from the tree? He would have probably rushed off to business. Perhaps, that was the case with many who were nudged by an apple before. They had planned their lives too tight. Perhaps, doing nothing allowed Newton to ask the question others didn’t. Because he asked, he was given. Just how surprising is it? I am not saying that leisure is a virtue. I am saying to plan and control one’s life more than necessary is ignorant and prideful. Heck, even God rested on the seventh day.

The truth is we really don’t know anything. To plan is nothing but human pride. The planner thinks that he knows what's best for him but he doesn't. We know a bit more about what does not work. Not eating doesn’t work because you get weak. Not sleeping doesn’t work because you go crazy. If we don’t know what works but know what doesn’t, it is better not to direct life but merely to intervene in it. It sounds Godly because it is.

This sounds scary to the planner because he is afraid he may fall sort if he relaxed a little bit. He is already sure that his plan is best for him. That is merely his ignorance. There is a higher plan for him, which he is rebelling against by unleashing his plan. It doesn’t mean, however, that he is subject to the higher plan. The higher plan of the unknown is not categorically different from his plan. They both are the same. He is confident of what he knows and ignorant of what he doesn’t, when both belong to him that which is known and that which is unknown.

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