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Men Can't And Shouldn't Cry

Updated: Mar 7, 2022

Nov 29, 2020

Gevra, India

When feminism attempted to free women from the kitchen, it also attempted to change how society controls men. I remember watching propaganda that encouraged men to cry and be vulnerable. But this was bound to fail. A woman's life is fundamentally different from a man's.

When a woman can’t get education, the establishment wants to help her (really for votes though). If she can’t get a job, men want to help her. They blame society for not accomodating a poor girl. When she gets pregnant and becomes a single mother, once again, we blame society for not accomodating a poor girl. A woman's suffering is cared for, which is why women cry and seek help. However, there is a dark side to it. People have their motives. Even if a man can’t get direct favors from a damsel in distress, he can always virtue signal to other women and possibly increase his chances with them (women like men that society calls virtuous). Women, however, have not much incentive to help poor women. In fact, they tend to not make friends with poor women. When they do, they are likely to have ulterior motives or are probably looking for subordinates. In other words, society caters to women, which makes their life easy. But they shouldn't fall for such kindness. Really no one is on their side.

On the contrary, the life of a man is fundamentally different. There is no incentive for a man to help another man unless he is a friend or a relative. There is no incentive for women to help a poor man either. Women don’t like poor men. Governments don't care about poor people. A poor man has pretty much no one behind his back besides friends and relatives, outside of which, he has no societal value. He is just a workhorse to work, pay taxes, and be disposed of. His suffering has no place in society. It is pointless for him to cry and ask for help because no one is listening. The quicker men leave this attitude behind, the easier their lives will be.

Feminisim is trying to change society, but it is not possible to change the elements that led to society's becoming how it was. Men who cry and wait for help have never succeeded and will never succeed. No one cares even if they kill themselves, as they do. In the US, suicide is the 8th major cause of male death. For men aged 1-44, suicide is the second major killer of men (more can be found here). No one talks about it. No one cares. And no one will ever care. You will forget about it, too. Men are disposable. Other men have no incentive to help. They likely stay preoccupied with women. Women don’t like poor men. Governments want them to be poor so they continue to work for societal leftovers. The establishment and its institutions are not for men, never were, and never will be. Therefore, men shouldn't cry. They are welcome to ask but should expect nothing.

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