Minorities Lived In A Paradigm Of Fear

Updated: Oct 8

I am reflecting on my experience in the US. Ideas presented here follow those mentioned in On Race Politics, Miserable People, & Dumb Shit.

Cats in Siberia have the same quirks as ones in the Philippines or ones in Brazil. Yet people fail to understand this about humans. I was not able to understand why ethnic and racial groups were needed on campus. Why would an Indian feel more supported and welcome by other Indians than by non-Indians? Just where have you seen Indian cats liking someone more than non-Indian cats? I never joined any ethnic or racial group and secretly despised them for perpetuating the myth of race. There is no real substance to race and ethnicity.

I feel as if minorities in the US live in fear and insecurity. They are always in survival mode. They feel that strength lies in number, so they associate with people who look like them to assure their survival or atleast this is what they think. Perhaps, this explains why there were racial and ethnic students groups on campus. However, it was animalistic of Indians to think that whites and blacks would not help them. And they never discovered it because they probably never gave them a chance. I was afraid student groups were only dividing the student body. Since they lived within their little groups, they never discovered how similar they truly were, just like cats from everywhere.

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