Money Has Domesticated Man

Updated: Mar 6

What money is

Money is a measure of perceived value. It's akin to a point system in which points are allocated to measure the perceived value of goods and services. How much you get paid is a measure of how valuable your employer perceives you to be. Money is a scale of that measurement. If you get paid, let's say, $10/hour or $1,733.33/month, be ready to be thrown out when a machine that costs less than that can do your job. Thus, don't waste your time learning easy and mindless skills.

What money has become

People have been pavlovianly conditioned to think of money as a reward. They salivate at its sight though it isn't food. They desire it though it is not a woman. Since the masses consider money a reward rather than a measure of value, they do things to get it. The ruling class prints money, distributes it top-down, and the slave class works hard to get rewarded like monkeys in a lab that are reinforced with orange juice or trained animals in a zoo that show acrobatics to get food reinforcements. Even big animals like lions, tigers, and elephants can be trained with food.

Since money has become a reward, it is used to make people do things. Very few would work at a bank, an insurance company, a marketing firm, or an IT firm if there was no money in these fields. Whipped by money, they live miserable lives. They don't know that there is a life outside and they can be on their own, like circus animals who don't know they can find food on their own and don't need their trainers for sustenance. The ruling class (people who print money or offer electronic credit or both) has domesticated man (with money) to run the circus of society. Are folks even aware that their ancestors were once free and tough men who roamed the planet? They were hunters and gathers.

Stupid politicians, parents, and teachers offer the same argument as that given by zoo and circus trainers: we give them a safe and comfortable life. They don't need to hunt. Everything is delivered to their houses (cages). They live an easy, healthy, and good life. Does it sound similar to people who tell you to get a job and earn money so you can live a safe, comfortable, and luxurious life? Do it until you die.

Just give up your freedom, so we can make you our circus animals.

Would you want to be in coma 40 hours a week if you get a handsome salary at the end of every month? Just like animals are taken advantage of by zoos and circuses, people are being taken advantage of. The promise of a good and comfortable life has been sold to them in return for their freedom, whose price they don't know since they, like caged animals, have never experienced it.

This domestication is the cause of most crimes. Most criminals commit crimes because they get paid to do it. It is rare for someone to kill someone for fun or even lie for fun. People do things to get rewards or to avoid non-reward and punishment. Ask animals in a circus.

There are many things that people do for money that are not outrightly unethical. Missionaries who get paid to give out free shit to people of poor countries don't know that they are not allowing organic supply chains to develop. Why would you pay someone to buy shoes when someone is giving them to you for free? But if you don't, they won't be able to build their business. If the community fails to build businesses, it would continue to be poor. Missionaries perpetuate poverty by not allowing the market to self-correct.

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