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Updated: Mar 6

The ideas presented here aren't my personal opinions or views. They have merely been revealed to me.

Idol worship denies the universality of God. Perhaps, this is why Musa (Moses) and Mohammad suggested that we shouldn’t make images of God. Consider the beheading of Samuel Paty. It was idol worshipping that did not allow the killer to shrug off the incident. Mohammad is long dead. But some Muslims idolize him so much that they take offence on his behalf. What an irony! The man who said not to worship idols himself became an idol that people fervently worship.

Idol worship doesn’t allow people to see that all men are Krishn. In the Mahabharath, when Barbarik was asked what he saw in the battle, he reported that he only saw Krishn. All the worriors were Krishn. All the weapons were his divine weapon. All the victims and all those who died were also him. Such is the vision of an enlightened man. The rest saw Krishn only in his physical form or in his person/character. Barbarik saw that all forms were Krishn.   

I remember when I was in the American South, they made an idol of Christ: a blue-eyed, brown-haired, white man. Even the idol was a farce. They preached “love your neighbour” until they walked out of their little churches. Only if they knew that Christ lives in everyone they would have not been so spiteful towards non-Christians. But the truth far evaded them. And it will evade them so long they are proud idolaters. If they keep the commandments, there may be some hope for them. But none of them understood any of the commandments. They had a very shallow understanding of the commandments, thanks to agents of God aka pastors. I warned them against pastors, but they were not ready. Perhaps, they need to suffer more for them to surrender their pride.

Idolatry keeps people fixated on and attached to an image or a form. It keeps them blind to all other forms that the formless takes besides the one they worship. In this blindness, they mistreat all that doesn’t resemble the form they worship. An enlightened man knows all forms to be manifestations of the same. Thus, he treats everything and everything with love and reverence, including himself.

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