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On Dumb Majority Laws

Updated: Jun 23, 2022

By treating young people like children, society has retarded their growth. There was a time was 16 year olds used to go to war. When I was 15, I could flawlessly outdebate pretty much all my teachers and religious gurus that I came across. Yet a simple ad hominem was thrown at me, “he is just a child. He’ll know when he grows up.” That is incredibly toxic if we want to empower young people to strive for excellence. By the way, I am 24 now. I can tell that these fraudulent teachers and gurus are not only in India but all over the world. And they are absolutely pathetic.

Just why can’t a 14 year old get a drivers license if he can pass the driving test? It is the test that tells the merit as a driver not his age. By not allowing him to get a license, society is not allowing him to travel, apply for jobs, and operate at his full potential. Society is essentially robbing him of all the fun he could have had legally. At the same time, it is depriving itself of whatever potential was lost in people like him.

In India, child labor laws prohibit people from working until they are 14. This is a profane joke on Indians. We went to school 6 days a week. It was 6 hours long, plus an extra hour spent on travel. I studied at least 2 hours every day to finish my homework. This means I studied at least 54 hours every week. That is more than an average adult man’s 40 hours work week. What makes the joke profane is that it was a bad experience for pretty much everyone. Teachers were abusive, incompetent, and beyond terrible. No one learned anything at school. And whatever we learned proved to be either wrong or useless. Looking back, I would gladly take up the opportunity to work 60 hours/week in a factory. At least, I would get paid. School wasn’t just child labor. It was child slavery.

Just why can’t a 15 year old marry if he wants to? If we think that he should know his life’s aim at 15 and study 90+ hours/week to achieve it, it shouldn’t be a big deal for him to know what kind of life partner he wants. The legal age of marriage is particularly concerning to me. It makes young people think that they are too young to date/marry. If they follow society, they are bound to fail because most will lose interest in romance and marriage by the time they are 25. Just like 12-year-olds like video games, 16-year-olds like romance and love, 22-year-olds are hopefully looking forward to work and paying taxes, not to singing glories of love. If society does not wake up, we are heading towards a depopulation crisis. With age, people simply lose interest in marriage and love. In fact, many by 21 (the legal age of marriage for men in India) don’t even believe in love and romance. Franky, society does need to lose people so it gives way to people who understand that there is a right time for everything. And you can’t change that legally. You can’t legislate biology and psychology.

We need to have a serious debate on majority laws. You can set the legal age of marriage at 30. I can guarantee you no one will marry. If we did away with dumb laws, young people would take life seriously and grow up on time. They would start earning early and potentially marry on time. The increased productivity would benefit their nation. So long we live under the social hypnosis of majority laws, we are bound to have adults who behave like children. Young adults are failing to act like adults because they have been brainwashed to think that they are children or minors.

Here is an example of a super successful young adult at 14. At 7, he was breeding and selling rabbits. At 9, he started paying taxes. By 11, he bought a tractor. I encourage you to read the article to find out more about him. The world should know about him, not about actors and politicians. The reason he was so successful was his parents' helplessness. If they had any power over him, they would have exercised it. They would have likely sent him to school for abuse and spiritual degradation. I remember saying this in a live-your-legend meet-up," a lot of Indians would do much better if they were orphans." I was referring to the spiritual and emotional abuse that occurs in Indian families, where they are born to serve and please the family. Most Indian parents look at children as mere resources, as investments that will bear returns when they are old and frail. To help them, I wrote an article on the spiritual significance of raising a family.

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