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On Humanities, Friendship & Love

Updated: Mar 7, 2022

The fall of humanities has led to the fall of humanity. Laws of motion have become common knowledge. Everyone is scientifically literate, but very few know about friendship. Very few still know about human values. Pretty much no one knows about love. They are learning from movies, which is analogous to medieval people's learning science from religious teachers. Today’s portrayal of love and friendship in poop-culture is analogous to religious teachers' teaching that the earth is flat and humans are the point to the universe. What once happened to science has now happened to humanities. We are living in an era of humanistic ignorance.

When you can't offend someone, you have become friends.

To make friends means nothing semantically. There is nothing to be done in friendships. There is only something to quit doing. This is inhibition. When two people let go of inhibition or self-regulation, they call themselves friends. They recognize friendship. Compare it to the cosmic microwave background. We didn't make it but merely recognized it.

This inhibition is people's holding on to themselves or taking themselves too seriously. Sometimes, they can't trust others. Sometimes, they are programmed to think about what they should or shouldn't say, what is offensive, and what is polite, etc. At a deeper level, they don't feel free. And look at who tells children how to behave -- a world full of autistic psychopaths. They want to make children just as mentally and socially dull as they are. And they have succeeded in turning the modern generation into zombies and cyborgs.

Children make friends easily because they don’t practice any inhibition at all. Talk about shitting your pants. But you know what I mean. They don’t know what is offensive, pleasing to the ear, or rude. And they shouldn’t. When we teach them dumb rules of society and of interpersonal conduct, we make them as dumb as society.

Perhaps, the same is true about romantic love. Men and women are already in love in a plane (as used in math). But they are in inhibition. When they spend time together and support each other over a period of time, they earn each other’s trust. The emergence of trust allows them to drop their inhibitions. Some call it relationship building or falling in love. I simply call it dropping inhibition. It is simply letting go.

Arthur Aron came up with a questionnaire that makes people fall in love (374-375). Do such questionnaires help people fall in love? Yes but no. They don't make people fall in love. They merely help them drop inhibition. The more they drop their guards, the more they see themselves in each other, the more they empathize. They think they are falling in love when they are merely discovering love, which already existed at a deeper spiritual level. They are discovering the invisible cosmic background.

Here again, we see that young people have an easier time. The older people get, the more egotistical they get and the more they hold on to. The more injustices they have seen, the more cynical and distrustful they become. They keep their guards up, which is inhibition. If we want to fix the world, we need to get away from political correctness, useless laws, cultural codes, religious codes and just dumb shit in general.

Update on Sept 27, 2020-

Humans have made so many economic regulations they can no longer transact. They've become poor. They have made so many laws that they have become enslaved. Similarly, they have made so many social regulations or norms or etiquette that they can no longer talk and make friends. Your social programming is making you sick. I say abandon your culture and all social norms it has taught you. Become humble as a child.

Ps. I don't like to say this kind of shit because it makes me sound soft, but I can't believe this is not common knowledge.

Work Cited

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