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On Eating With Nature

Updated: Mar 6, 2022

Some nations have cows that produce more milk. It is natural that they consume more milk products. Some have fertile lands that produce more plant-based nutrition. It is advised they grow crops rather than farm animals. The debate on plant-based vs animal-based nutrition is useless. Both plants and animals are food to humans.

Instead of being greedy and wishing for things that are scarce, we should consume whatever we have plenty of. In a nation with predictable rainfall and fertile land, it is reasonable to grow crops. In colder nations with unpredictable rainfall, stormy weather, fewer hours of sunlight, it is advisable to let forests grow so animals can come and feed on them. They can then become food to humans.

Every plant is food for some being, which is food for another. Don’t try to produce what the habitat does not naturally support. Don’t attempt to control nature. You only create imbalance that way. Just find your natural place in the food cycle. Collaborate with nature.

Update on June 12, 2021 -

Moralists make furore about eating animals because they don't understand that there is no difference between plants and animals. Only humans have made the distinction by imposing our knowledge and categories on nature. It is not a sin to eat animals. The problem occurs when you eat to seek pleasure. This leads man to destroy wildlife by overhunting, aquatic life by overfishing, and forests by chopping them down to grow crops. This is why gluttony is a sin. The desire for taste is bad. Eat only to allow the flow of energy to complete, for you occupy a certain position in the food cycle. Eat to nourish your body.

If you (a tribe, nation) only eat grass, you would eventually starve deers. If you only eat fruits, you'd eventually starve primates. If you only eat fish, you'd eventually starve bears and crocodiles. If you only eat deer, you'd eventually starve big cats. Whenever humans collectively overdo anything, they create imbalance in nature. Thus, it is better to eat whatever is abundantly available (overpopulated species). This way, we can fill in the gap. We can create balance where there is imbalance instead of creating more imbalance.

Most vegetarians are too hypocritically blind to notice that huge plots of forest lands were destroyed to grow crops. They hosted entire ecosystems, with ample food for humans. Even today, those lands can't be what nature wants them to be, because humans tightly control what grows and what is weeded out. I can feel the pride that humans have. To feel good about protecting a few animals, they wilfully destroy and control entire ecosystems.

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