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On Marriageable Women

Updated: Mar 7, 2022

Some girls are told to marry young so they get to experience getting older with their husband. Staying together in the struggles of youth allows them to bond well and support each other forever.

However, girls today look up to celebrities, not to people who actually care about them. These celebrities are often paid by directors of culture to mislead youth. These people are not good role models. They are teaching young women to wait at the finish line. I remember a girl in high school saying that whom she marries would depend on her prospects’ salaries. This meant that she was planning to stay single until the boys get old enough to find employment.

I strongly advise men to stay away from these kinds of girls. There is no guarantee that a woman waiting at the finish line will stay with you. She has waited for years to find out who turns out rich. Her loyalty is to money. If you marry her, you are in for a bumpy ride. The race technically doesn’t have a finish line. You can lose your riches. You can lose everything you have. Do you think a trophy wife will stay with you in your lows? Do you think she will support you in your losses? If she was that kind, she would have been married already.

A woman waiting at the finish line is fundamentally incapable of proving her loyalty to a man. Throughout the race, she had the opportunity to prove her loyalty, but she blew it for the love of money. If you are a woman who has already done this error and want to repent, there is still one way you can be saved. You will have to find a common man who is not already accomplished. Only to him can you prove your loyalty.

The term for “wife material” in ancient India was Pativrata. It means “vowed to husband”. Any woman waiting at the finish line is vowed to money. She is married to money. When you lose money, she will make your life hell.

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