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On The Loss Of Telepathy

Updated: Jul 26

Humans are born telepathic. That’s how babies and mothers communicate. It is the original language of the universe. Today, I want to discuss three reasons for the loss of telepathy.

1. Children grow up to forget that they can communicate telepathically. Since they are taught words and grammar from an early age, they get conditioned to think and express in words, names and categories. As adults, they can no longer think without words.

2. They don’t develop it. Toddlers spend years learning alphabets, spellings, grammar, and syntax to put it all together. They spend no time developing telepathic skills. Therefore, it remains latent, raw, and undeveloped.

On a side note, back in my freshman year in college, I took a course in public speaking. I was intrigued to learn that much of human communication is non-verbal. Words carry less meaning than people think they do. It shouldn't be surprising, because words are man-made; they aren't our innate language. Humans are always communicating non-verbally but are mostly unaware of it. A lot of it is telepathy. Wise men and women say that plants and animals also communicate telepathically. I am inclined to think they are right.

3. They lack trust. Most humans don’t communicate telepathically, because they don’t trust one another. They underestimate how connected we truly are. They fear that they would get misunderstood, so they want to say everything in words. This inhibits their telepathic development.

Why words-based communication can not be the universal language.

Words are reduced units of meaning. What I am writing is not what you are reading, because meaning is lost in the process of breaking it down in the form of subject-verb-object. Additional meaning is lost in the process of putting the same words together. The magnificence of the original fort can never be known by putting together its broken stones. Similarly, the magnificence of my ideas can’t be understood by reading my words and putting them together. You have to become a participant in my head space to truly know what I am thinking. This is possible only via telepathy. Word-based language is to telepathy what digital signal is to analog.

A short video I made in 2019 about why we mustn't think in words.

Do we need words to express ourselves?

Does not knowing an elaborate system of words mean being unable to express? The ability to stay in a thought and allow it to develop without putting words to it is also a kind of expression. And it is likely the highest kind of expression, for words that we look for to express our imagination reduce the imagined space into subjects, verbs, and objects. At the same time, searching for words to elaborate the imagined space keeps us in a state of verbal paralysis. Therefore, in a sense, a wakeful imaginative silence might be the highest kind of expression. Those who are in tune might just know what we are thinking, while those who are overly focused on words are bound to miss the forest for the tress.

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