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On The Masculine And The Feminine

Updated: Mar 6, 2022

Not a serious article, just thinking out loud. Don't read if you want to save time.

A man can love another man but it is only about time that his partner must prioritize a woman in his life if he ever wants to experience a love deeper than friendship. He must seek a woman because his fellow man cannot give him a family. The same holds for women. No woman can give another woman what a man can give her. Thus, only a man can be a woman's highest priority and vice-versa.

Perhaps, men and women have different roles. There are things only the feminine can do. A man's role in reproduction is disposable. If a few men died, the rest of them can still continue the population. If a few women died them in war, no matter how many men exist, the population would reduce very sharply. The tribe might even go extinct. In addition, men cannot breastfeed. A woman can feed on nature and convert it into food for babies. She can even feed babies who are not hers. Thus, for women to stay physically and psychologically healthy, men must take the role of protecting them. Gender roles, thus, seem to be an evolutionary necessity. But neither is superior to the other. Neither can exist without the other. They must stay together to play the roles they are best suited for.

A lion is not superior to a cow. It is stronger but not superior. The milk we consume comes from cows. If we think carefully, there is not one being, not one bacteria that is inferior to any other being. They all are here to do their jobs. We must do ours.

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