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On The Virtues Of Atheism

Updated: Jun 6, 2022

Nov 22, 2021


Those who have never been an atheist have not even begun their spiritual journey. An atheist abandons God. God here means that which society defines as God, not that which is God, which no one knows.

In a nation where people worship a wooden chair as God, being an atheist means refusing to worship the chair.

In a nation where people worship a holy man as God, being an atheist means not worshipping the said holy man.

In a culture where people worship a rock as God, being an atheist means not worshipping that rock.

When an atheist denies God, he is merely denying concepts and idols of God prevalent in his culture. To say that he is truly denying that which is reduced and symbolized as God, whatever it may be, is out of the question because he himself does not know it. He doesn't know the object of his denial. When asked, a humble atheist might even admit that. Thus, atheism simply frees him from idolatry.

{This does not mean that he is safe from it. Many an atheist makes his God in science or political ideologies.}

Being an atheist simply allows you to escape the mass psychosis and start thinking for yourself. This is the first step to learning about how things are rather than how things are defined, categorized, and thought of. Man has invented words and their meanings but not truth. You must not get caught up in words and concepts. An atheist does not abandon ( ) because that may not be possible. He merely abandons what his culture calls God. And he is totally correct in doing so.

The fun fact is every culture makes and markets its own God; every believer is, thus, a believer only within the cultural hypnosis of his nation. In relation to other cultures that worship different Gods, he is stupid, delusional, or an atheist.

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