Open Up & Welcome The Light

People don't get back -- > people I am surrounded by do not get back

People are not helpful -- > people I am surrounded by are not helpful

People are not supportive -- > people I am surrounded by are not supportive

People are not reliable -- > people I am surrounded by are not reliable

People do not care to understand me -- > people I am surrounded by don't care to understand me

People discriminate against me -- > people I am surrounded by discriminate against me

Don't globalize your local experiences. There is a better world out there. It is hard to imagine a world where you are supported and helped if you grew up in a backward area. I spent my high-school years in the most backward area in India, Bihar, and my college years in arguably the most backward area in the US, Mississippi. Across continents, my experience was the same. People in backwards areas tend to be collectivistic, conformist, and very brainwashed. Negativity and toxicity define their culture, which is partly why they continue to be impoverished. They tend to be know-it-alls, which means they are less likely than their prosperous peers to read, which makes brainwashing them even easier. Both Bihar and Mississippi have the lowest levels of educational attainment and the lowest literacy rates. People in these areas do not like ideas that contradict the status quo and are very prone to religion. They marginalize people who ask questions. Thus, insightful and intelligent people leave these areas like water evaporates out of mud. What's left behind is just dirt. No one moves to these places willingly. People only leave. Therefore, when you are in these areas, the experience is overwhelmingly negative. This does not mean, however, that you can't have a good life in these areas. Within these areas can be pockets of sub-realities, like a town that is remarkably di