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Pampered with Liberty, Rights, & Justice

Updated: Dec 8, 2022

Liberty, Rights, Justice, Fairness -- ideals that have corrupted people.

They drilled these notions into us during 12 years of school, though I was skeptical of it. I used to wonder why people so less qualified than me were getting chances that I wasn’t. I was 14 or 15 when an incident finally summed up it for me. I won an election for class president/captain, yet the honor was taken from me by force. I said nothing. I had seen so much dumb shit already that I accepted it as a part of life. I knew life is not fair. People are being lied to. Thenceforth, I never challenged teachers for not giving me chances. I liked athletics more. If I finished first in a race, no teacher could deny me the medal. Outside of objective competitions like athletics, I didn't care. I didn't complain when colleges and recruiters rejected me.

People have been drugged with utopian ideals of rights, justice, and equality. This has flamed youth to fight for fairness and equality like little crybabies. They focus on problems rather than solutions and wait for government or society to make things right for them as if someone cares. Everyone in the system comes to work every day to do what his boss tells him to do and to get his salary at the end of the month like a monkey in a psychology lab that gets rewarded with orange juice post task-completion. No one comes to work thinking about public welfare besides a few outliers. The whole reason people want government jobs is that they won't have to work so they can mooch off taxpayers. Why then do you expect anything from them?

The system never told youth that people are primarily self-interested, not equitable. You can force them to behave, but you can’t make them moral. People need to wake up from their somber. We have people getting depressed because they got discriminated against. But they have misevaluated their feelings. They are depressed because they expected fair treatment, not because they were treated unfairly. All they have to do is give up expectations from the world, and they'll be happy.

If I keep it 100, the idea of human justice is repugnant to me. When people get pampered with man-made laws and justice, cognitive dissonance doesn’t allow them to accept that these utopian ideals don’t exist. Chances are, they themselves never treat others fairly but are too blind to see it. Some take on a challenge that can potentially take them on a very dark path. Equality can only be achieved if everyone became fair, but you can only control your own behavior not others’. Thus, they, thinking they are the good ones, impose on others their ideals of equality and justice, unaware that they are walking the path of tyrants. These people should never get political power.

Quit expecting anything from society. Take 100% control of your life. Complaining and waiting for opportunities will never work because no one cares. Do you think I had any chance at spreading my work with the world had I relied on mainstream publications? Instead of looking for work at a phone company, make a new phone or get your friends to do it with them. Make your own company. If there is only one farm and all workers are employed by the same farm, they are pretty much slaves to the farm owner. Doesn't matter what the law says, they would get paid as little as they need to barely survive. No amount of protest can change the principles of demand and supply. If there are multiple farms, workers can work for other farm if their owner mistreats them. The choice creates labor competition, driving wages up. Thus, we must work on making more farms rather than protesting against a few farm owners. Capable and courageous people must rise up to make new means of production and walk away from slave masters. If we live by these principles, we see that debates on nepotism, justice, and equality are futile.

India is the seventh-largest nation on the planet with over a billion people. If every city went its own way to make its own banks, media companies, publications, our little communities can produce as much as entire nations. Our states have more people than many nations have. We can make a thousand Singapores in India or more. For this to happen, people must distance themselves from liberal narratives and from the government. They must wake up from this comatose delusion that a good leader will change India. They must know that the constant pursuit of labor income rather than capital income has reduced such a massive nation to a poor nation full of helpless people. Expect nothing. Go your own way. Produce.

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