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People Are Insecure

Updated: Mar 7, 2022

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Since they wanted to accumulate wealth and power, they fell for the schemes of society. They went to school for 12 years and then to college for another 4 years. Then what? They discovered there is nothing on the other side. They got played. Now, the begging begins. After 16 years of unpaid work, they have to beg idiots for interviews, employment, and a good salary. They beg daily to not get fired and to get promoted. They have no other options because they are more replaceable than a pair of shoes.

How much you get paid does not depend on how hard you work but no how hard you are to replace.

Most people are useless. They have no real skills. Thus, they need a master (boss) to survive. This is also why armies of underpaid and overworked wage slaves are available to help stupid companies make and sell stupid shit (more on this here). No one wishes to work for an insurance company, a tax firm, or a bank. No one likes stupid jobs. In fact, folks hate doing stupid things even when they are getting paid. They do it because they are not skilled enough to survive without a master. Their collective insecurity and dependency has enabled stupid institutions like banks to become powerful.

Money, which was supposed to be oil for economies, has become a bottleneck. Instead of easing transactions, it now enables them.

Our lives have become stupid because stupid industries hire stupid people to do stupid jobs and produce stupid products.

The most useless of all work for schools and colleges. School is one place they have all been trained for 12 years, so they are prepared for the job atleast. They know they are perpetuating the same stupid system that made them stupid, but they don't know what do else do. They have no real skills. They live in fear and insecurity, constantly worried about not displeasing their masters (job security). They can improve their lives if they do what they should have done instead of going to school. Instead, they wear a fake confidence of financial independence when they are really wage slaves and they know it.

To continue their facade, they lie to children. If they were honest, they would tell school children, “after college, most of you will be unemployed. Many will be working jobs that don’t require any education. About 5-10% of you will get what you have been promised -- comfortable middle-class wage slavery. But cost of living will have increased, so most of you will be as poor as a beaver foraging for food. The grass is not greener on the other side. It does not exist on the other side. You’ll have to eat mud.”(more on this here)

They are dishonest because they don’t want their children to find out how much of a loser they are. They deep down don’t want their children to have a better life so they don't have to own their failure (if their children win). They don't want to look like pathetic losers in the eyes of their children. It's all ego appeasement.

This is why children have to find philosophers and poets to tell them that their parents and teachers are losers. If the truth is told, they would get out of education as early as possible and devote their time towards doing what they like, which would equip them with important skills. Within a few years, they'd master those skills and become a contributing member of society, not wage slaves begging for higher minimum wage.

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