People Get Addicted Because They Have Nothing Better To Do

Updated: Mar 6

People do unproductive things or become addicted or both because they have nothing better to do. This is partly or wholly the cause of all addictions. People do dumb things because they can't think of something better. I remember a time when I could not stand video games whenever my friends played football or badminton. Sports was so much better than video games. As a child, I did not do dumb things because I had better things to do. I liked to draw, read maths and physics, and play. These things always kept me too busy to do dumb things.

Today, people have normalized doing things they don't like. They give up their interests to get stupid jobs they don't like to do. For material growth, they destroy their spirit. It is only expected that they would end up getting addicted to something; they hate what they do so much that anything is better, a dumb video game or a dumb Netflix series. They are tired of life so much that they take anything that makes them forget that they dislike their lives. All of this happens because they only care about feeding their body and not the spirit. They end up starving the spirit. The modern world is designed to make people depressed and addicted. If you listen to the world, you are bound to end up there.

The solution to this problem is simple. Do not do things you don't like. Don't kill the spirit. Money only feeds the material body not the spirit. Without the spirit, you become a dumb robot. When you do things you like to do, you suddenly won't ever find yourself doing dumb and unproductive things, because you have something far better to do, something that specifically appeals to you. And it will inspire you to work harder. It will teach you virtue.

At birth, you were blessed with gifts. Your job was to nurture them like a gardener nurtures a plant. You were then supposed to share the fruits with others. But the world deceived you into living for material gains and feeding the material body. I think was born knowing some things. That was my gift. But I did not share, because I thought things I knew were common sense and others understood them. It was not until late 2019 (at 24) that I found out that what comes as common sense to me is not common sense to others. This is how Philosophically Inclined happened.

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