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People Severely Underestimate Predestination

Updated: Mar 7, 2022

Dec 14, 2020


No one has a problem with it when a physicist says that comet A will pass by Earth on such and such date or average temperatures will increase in April. But they can't accept predestination when I say that the world must get worse until man is stripped of his pride, for truth must be established and he must play his role.

What is too hard to accept about predestination? Don’t laws that apply to the natural world also apply to humans and systems of humans? Doesn’t water traverse downwards when a man drinks it? Don't laws that apply to the Universe apply to man and everything in him? Why is this weird or superstitious? Is man apart from the Universe?

Man can’t accept predestination, because he does not want to let go of trying to control everything. He doesn’t want to feel powerless. He wants to control his life, others’ lives, and even his future, when none of it is in his hands. This, however, doesn’t mean that man has no free will. His will is limited to his own self. He can will to act but can’t will the consequences. A man is free to apply for 1000 jobs, but the consequence is partly or wholely predestined because there are other people involved in the system. If other parties are free, then the outcome is partly predestined. If other parties are slaves, it is almost entirely predestined. He can ask out 1000 girls, but he can’t dictate that they pick him back. How those girls were programmed is also a factor in the outcome. If they were programmed to reject a man of his traits, he's predestined to get rejected. I saw this in the American south. Girls were programmed to date only Churchians. They had no free will but were driven by the will of their masters/pastors.

Thus, man is not a powerless entity floating in a predestined ocean. He has freedom, but his freedom can’t encroach onto others. Other humans have their wills. Some are slaves to money, bosses, or fame, and thus, have no free will. They are merely objects to someone (who controls the idol itself) else's will. Those who never exercise free will but are driven by desires and idols are definitely living out a predestined program.

Ps. Don't stick to my words too much. There is far more to it that I can say in words.

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