16 Years Of Slavery

Written sometime in the summer of 2019

Free will is a requirement for morality. A man who is not free to make his decisions cannot be held responsible for his decision. Thus, if you want to destroy morality, destroy freedom.

It is hard for a man who has a mortgage to quit his corporate job if he discovers his employer's evil doings. It is hard for a college student to speak openly against feminism. He might get expelled. It is hard for a high-school student to criticize a teacher that she must have a good relationship with if she'd need a recommendation letter down the line.

Humans systemically lack freedom at every level. They are born into a system of slavery. In school, they have to read books they do not want to read, go to classes they don't care about, and listen to teachers they don't like. They cannot even opt out of school because the world tells them there is no other way. This continues for 12 years. Here again, they are sold 4 more years of slavery with a promise of life-long corporate slavery. It is carefully framed as a job or employment, not as wage slavery or servitude, which is what it is. Most accept the deal of yet another 4 years of slavery, where they must again go to classes they do not want to go to to learn things they don't care about to find a job they are not interested in to make money they are clueless what to do with, besides consuming like zombies.

How then can we blame humans for their actions? Is the judgment of our fellow men justified? Do they even have a choice? Do they have the freedom to dissent?

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