Lake Of Tyranny

Updated: Sep 10

The goal of education is to find out that you know nothing. When all knowledge dissolves into nothingness, so does the knower. Thus, a good teacher can lead a man to enlightenment. But most of my teachers were self-righteous tyrants. They made us do dumb assignments and take dumb tests, just dumb shit. There was no talk of critical thinking. Most of my teachers didn’t know what was going on, nor were they willing to grow up. They beat up the critics to silence them. They thought they knew what’s right. That was their sin-- pride or an illusion of knowledge or just knowledge because all knowledge is illusion. This illusion caused them to promote tyranny and propaganda. Looking back, I feel stupid for even arguing with them.

Not one man told the truth, no one in school, no one in college. It is easy to blame a few rulers for tyranny but most authorities I met in schools, at college, and at work, if given a chance, will do the same things we blame politicians and bankers for. Parents who demand a college degree from their children (they think they know better) would demand similar things (licenses, fees, taxes) from people if placed in leadership positions. The reason they lack moral calling is that they are confident they are right. The road to tyranny is paved with confidence.

We see the same in the character of Zamasu in Dragon Ball Super. He was an apprentice to the Supreme Kai of Universe 11, a highly esteemed position to hold in a Universe.

But his knowledge became his pride. Since he had the strength to do evil, he turned evil. He was just a self-righteous prick. We live in a time when these pricks are everywhere. Teachers beat up children because they think they know better. Parents beat up their children for the same reason. Everyone thinks they know better just like Zamasu did. Why are we surprised that our political leaders, corporate leaders, and bankers are tyrannical? Isn't that all we have seen in schools, in colleges, at work, in religious institutions, and in most families. We have even gotten used to being ruled over, or being mentally enslaved.

When I was in my mid-teens I used to wonder why the world was so dumb. 10 years later, I see that people don’t grow up to become learned. They grow up to develop an illusion of knowledge and suffer from the pride that comes with it. Then, they self-righteously control those they have power over. It’s not the case that a few evil people are tyrannizing a good population, rather the entire society has become sinful. Our rulers are drops of water from a lake of tyranny. Society is the lake.

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