A Model To Depress

1. Debase morality -

The reason people can’t make friends or can’t find life partners is that they are immoral. They wish others to be truthful and honest but they themselves aren’t either. No matter how much people deny the existence of morality as merely a theory, they still look for moral people to do business with, make friends with, and marry.

2. Roll out solutions -

Once people fail to make friends, because of their immorality, they can be told that people suck and they deserve better. They can be told they can find better supportive people online. And this is the premise of social networks and dating websites.

3. Keep them busy and blaming others -

Men and women of all ages have failed at making friends and dating online. They have failed because the problem was never physical distance or lack of available partners. It was emotional distance caused by immoral choices. It is important to provide them with justifications so they always have others to blame for the consequences of their actions. Self-reflection is where moral development begins. Therefore, they mustn't be allowed to do it. They should be encouraged to love themselves because they deserve better.

So long as people look for solutions to their problems outside, they will continue to suffer, waiting for a magical pill to solve their problems and elevate their mood.

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