Dreamt Up

Updated: Jun 15

This might be the realest thing I will ever say. Chances are the physical world is like a simulator game in which you pick a character. All physicality in the game is nothing but pattern of light bulbs. Real alone is the source code, which is just a dream of the creator. You enjoy the game so long you think the simulation is real. Things change when you see it for what it is-- lines of code.

Consider how the brain processes music. The source code is a set of frequencies. The ear acts as a compiler. It converts the frequencies into electrical signals (machine-readable code). The brain then projects the signals onto a screen. We find a pattern in it and call it music, no different from finding shapes in the clouds. The physical universe is, thus, a projection of the brain. The reality is the source code or that which is reduced to source code when a coder molds into a form the unstructured, the unbound, the abstract.

The good news is the source code is decentralized. Not only can you process the source code to watch the dream of physicality, but you can also generate the source code. You can also make the sound, sing the music, and draw the image. You, too, can be the coder. You, too, can externalize the unbound, the unstructured, and the unknown.

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