By Manipulating Their Idol, You Can Control A People

Since most people are idolators, they can be ruled over. In early 2019, when I returned to India, a friend asked me if he could easily found a job in India. I wondered why he was interested. Turns out, being an economics major, he had seen the ever-looming economic doom.

Out of many, one possibility we talked about was the states leaving the Union. We thought that Texas (my friend is from TX) may be one of the few ones to survive and be free and prosperous. Texas is rumored to still have the values that allow the foundation for freedom, while a good majority of states have fallen to statism. They still like guns and oppose government encroachment. Let me state clearly that laws aren't the pillars of freedom. Values are.

But Texas, too, has a weakness-- Churchianity. It would be naive of me to say that what I saw in Mississippi isn't happening in Texas. The government can still rule them via the means of churches. Churchians worship pastors, the Constantine Bible, and a blond man with blue eyes. These three idols can be manipulated by the deceiver or Sauron (borrowing this term from Tolkien’s mythology) to rule over the minds of idol worshipers. One such attempt is already going on in China. Their descendants will think that Jesus was a killer and held rule of law above morality (Morris). Centuries down the line, they will have no clue of the original story. Religion will make them proud. And pride will make them blind. They won't even know that something was changed. Chances are, Morris' article is also banned in China. Let's keep in mind that this is happening when the entire earth is interconnected with satellites. It would be naive of us to think that it has not happened before when there was no internet, images, and videos to objectively prove things. It may be happening even today. You won't know it like you wouldn't know what a shadowbanned Twitter account tweeted. You don't know what you don't know. This is why many still don't know about internet censorship.

Besides manipulating the words that people proudly worship, or must I say blindly because pride makes men blind, they can infiltrate churches. They already have a false God (a blond Jesus with blue eyes). The government allows money to be poured into churches by exempting them from financial reporting. This allows rich people to hide untaxed or illegal income or both. They also allow people to reduce their tax liability by dumping money into places of worship. The separation of state and religion is a myth, both in the US and India. Chances are, they are one. The state is the religion. Money makes churches and pastors bling up. Bling attracts people of weak spirit. It invites conformists and those who desire money and power. Women are easily charmed with bling, some sauce, and ice. They then attract weak men who participate in their delusion only to sleep with them/marry them. This was happening in Mississippi and is probably happening in Texas, too.

Thus, via the instrument of pastors, the bling of churches, and other idols, people’s values can be programmed. In Mississippi, I saw children of conservatives who had fallen for statism because their pastors implanted statism in the veil of nationalism. The version of patriotism promoted by southern churches, to me, looked like a sanctification of the rule of law. The Constantine Bible says in many chapters that Christians should "keep the law of the land". Of course, this goes against common sense because man-made laws only instantiate the pride of man. You must always prioritize morality over legality. You must break the law when it is immoral or you are bound to be enslaved. But Churches never ever told this truth. Churches were mostly propaganda dissemination centers, but the people appeared clueless. This is why idolatry makes people prone to enslavement. Whoever controls their idols controls their mind.

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