College A Simulation

Updated: Jul 9, 2020

They owned all property. They regulated its use. The only entities allowed to work on campus were either employed or regulated by them. There was no incentive for anyone to do their best. Hence, the people remained mediocre. Truth had no place because bootlicking got people to places. Everyone had pretty much same access to all property, all building, and all libraries. All resources were shared.

They owned the media outsets. Not everything was allowed to be said. They owned the Reflector, their newspaper. I was once quietly blocked on Connections (the software used by the Career Center). I dared to dissent. Surely, you can exercise freedom of speech but there were consequences. Most times, you would not even know why you were not given certain opportunities. The Marxists were little worms, doing their dirty works behind the scenes.

I am not talking about a country. I am talking about a college. In fact, I am talking about most educational institutions. The governing body isn't elected by the people who attend the school. Tuition is comparable to taxes. In some colleges, the richer the attendee, the more he/she pays. All resources are equally shared among the students. All means of production are either owned by the governing body or controlled it. Thus, we see a simulation of state control.

Free speech was getting challenged. Truth was undermined to uphold politically correct rhetoric. Social justice narrative was taking over. It was only obvious that they would want the government to take care of them. I, too, felt helpless in school and in college. No matter how much I worked, I never got rewarded. But those who licked boots were winning better deals. Looking back, I see the administration had nothing to lose if they suppressed good work and promoted whoever supported their agenda. I am not surprised anymore that I was never given a chance to write for the school newspaper. I am not surprised at all why I felt unwelcome on campus. I was the black sheep who could see through their bullshit.

Teachers often said that it cost more to teach students than they collected in tuition revenue. Then quit spending on fancy water fountains. Quit spending on meaningless stuff and unneeded employees. How about you get rid of bullshit courses? How about you quit spending on advertising and social justice propaganda? It is good to advertise but how about you treat student good and save them money so you earn good word of mouth. Nobody in my family is going to Mississippi State. I hope those who read this article also consider the same. You think you are showing how good you are to justify high tuition. No, you are showing me how bad you are at managing money if you can not maintain a surplus even though students pay an absurd amount of tuition.

PS. I wrote this document in the spring of 2019, reflecting on my observations at Mississippi State.

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