Decline Of Social Hypnosis

Updated: Sep 6

First draft written on August 11, 2019

So long society is relatively functional, people don’t ask critical questions. They ignore little problems and go about their lives. But not asking questions keeps the social hypnosis active, and people live in a sort of spiritual comatose. This comatose ignorance dumbs down the population. Over time, every next generation gets dumber than its previous one.

People eventually become so dumb and spiritually starved that there comes a time when the social values that once held up the social hypnosis start to die off. People no longer know how to conduct themselves publicly, and how to make friends. All kinds of relationships begin to die off. People end up so socially inept that some no longer have friends at all. Living like this for a long time is no different from living alone in a forest or in a cave. This may sound horrible but it must happen because prolonged solitude is where the magic happens. If there is no social, there can't be social hypnosis either. With the breakdown of society, it becomes easy to see through the game. The collective hallucination of society starts to fade into the wind. People get so detached from society that there is no society to see through. This is a case of spontaneous awakening.

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