Don't Learn To Live Alone

New age ideas are destructive. Instagram celebrities are convincing youth to “find peace within themselves” or “know themselves” before they date/marry. The problem is that humans are not loners by default. Males and females are not separate entities. There was a time in the evolution of what we call life when males and females came together. Organism reproduced asexually. Thus, males and females of any species belong to each other.

The normalization of singledom is deeply antisocial. It won’t allow males and females to complement each other to become what they are meant to be. In an attempt to “find peace within themselves” many have convinced themselves that it is normal for humans to stay single, but it is not. It is one of the reasons why people are sad and depressed. Almost no one will be able to happily stay single. The ones who do learn to live alone won't marry because marriage will be a burden to them. They will either become sexual hedonists (polygamists) or monks.

This is a slow decline of society, which has lost common sense. The hedonists and the monks will not have families. The rest continue to convince themslves that singledom is normal. They shame themselves for looking for love. And society calls them weak if they do. Consequently, only the few who put love above all will marry and have families. Their children will be our rightful descendants. I said rightful because they will carry forward the right values.

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