Education Is A Cult

Define cult. We see that all cult qualities are in education, including depression.

We can easily tell when others are living in a false reality, or, say, in a cult. Look at Northing Korean. They worship their leader. Look at the Chinese. Look at lefties. They live in a bubble of false reality. Colleges today are marxist cults. My peers could tell Churchian cults, too, whenever they saw them. They were all sick and depressed, sedated with soma that their pastors had fed them. More about this here.

We fail to see when we are in a false reality. Education was a cult. Pretty much everything we were told was wrong or useless. We were not allowed to ask questions or to challenge the cult leaders. Thus, we need exactly what we think leftists, feminists, and Churchians needs -- reeducation. This we must seek ourselves because there is no massive establishment telling the truth. There are establishments only to hide it. And the thinkers employed by them don't care about the greater good.

This is why, back in college, I dealt with feminists and Churchians rather kindly even when they were both very immoral and disrespectful. Growing up in false realities had depressed them badly. They had to recover a little before I could liberate them. Very few ever made that far though.

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