The Faculty Of Conscience

Updated: Jun 16

Although there may be many, two ways to see the truth appear quite clear --the faculty of faith or conscience and the faculty of reason. Some women particularly excel at the former. Perhaps, most women don't live in the illusion that they are very logical, allowing them to rely heavily on their conscience. They don't let an improperly developed sense of rationality interrupt the flow of information that they feel. They don't think of the right thing to do but feel it. I have often been surprised when some women easily understand philosophically loaded ideas without me having to break it down logically. They are far more enlightened than they think they are. They just get it. They somehow can feel me. These women had something in common. They had a relatively pure conscience. Thus, truth resonated spontaneously with them, almost as if I sang a song and they sang along, without me having to teach them. It makes me think of how plants can feel the sunlight and respond to it without a set of rational instructions, or how dogs can be loyal without a deep philosophical knowledge of loyalty. Animals don't even have an ego interrupting this daoistic flow of truth. Some men, however, live under the assumption that they are reasonable. This proud reliance on rationality doesn't allow them to mature the faculty of conscience. When their ability to reason is also underdeveloped, it can be disastrous. They may become reasonably unreasonable. There are those who get convinced to do wrong for the right reasons until they learn that their reasons were unjustified. And of course, there are those who have a strong conscience but lack reason. They, too, have been made to kill in the name of God. It looks as if underdeveloped rationality comes in the way of conscience, while immature conscience can corrupt rationality. Perhaps, men and women are supposed to develop each other. Perhaps, they need reason when conscience is immature and conscience when reason is immature.

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